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New Car Warranty Servicing Perth (Log Book Service)

To maintain your warranty your new car needs to be serviced at regular intervals – most are 10,000 km or every 6 months, but it’s important to check your logbook.

Keep your New Car Statutory Warranty by using our qualified mechanics who use dealer approved parts.

This means your warranty will be intact plus you’ll save on expensive dealer servicing.

Auto Smart’s mechanics undertake the full requirements of each scheduled service in-line with your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Car Warranty Service Perth By a Non-Dealer?

By making sure you car’s scheduled services are up to date, your warranty is still valid and you’ll be protected should anything go wrong with your car.

You don’t need dealer warranty servicing for your car warranty to be valid. You can still have your service don’t by a non-dealer.

Don’t risk voiding your warranty by mechanics who don’t do logbook servicing or cut costs by not using quality approved parts.

In some cases, you won’t find out until you put in a warranty claim. By then it’s too late.

New Car Log Book Service Perth

A new car warranty service Perth will keep your car in good running order as well as keep your new car warranty valid.

A car manufacturer warranty or a dealer warranty is a promise that if any repairs are needed on the car due to defects or untimely wear and tear, the car will be fixed at no charge.

But one of the conditions of a warranty is that you must have regular log book servicing of the vehicle.

This servicing needs to happen at specified intervals throughout the warranty period in order for the warranty to remain valid.

As a general guide, most log book servicing is required every 6 months or every 10,000km, which ever happens sooner.

New Car Servicing Starts From $269.50 (Car manufacturers require different things serviced for each log book service).

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