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ECU Remapping Perth

ECU Remapping is essential to keep your car’s performance optimal to improve fuel economy and prevent problems such as breakdowns.

Let your engine work the way it should with an ECU Remap Perth.

When your car’s manufacturer was programming or ‘mapping’ its engine control unit (ECU), they had to allow for a wide range of possible operating conditions.

So, they compromised.

For example, they had to consider sub-standard fuels, extreme temperatures, high altitudes, different emission laws and the possibility of scheduled servicing not happening.

How To Know If Your Vehicle Needs An ECU Remap

There are many ECU remap symptoms that indicate your vehicle needs ‘chipping’, meaning your car’s computer chip needs tuning.

These ECU remap indicators include:

  • Sluggish when you put your foot down on the accelerator
  • A ‘stop/start’ feeling when you’re driving
  • A chugging feeling, like your car isn’t getting the petrol it needs to run
  • A jerky feeling while driving

The only real way to determine if your vehicle needs ECU remapping Perth is to have a qualified mechanic with the right equipment to perform an ECU analysis or diagnosis.

This is quite simple to perform. It’s a matter of plugging into your car’s ‘chip’ to get a reading. Much like a heart-rate monitor works for humans.

This ECU remap diagnosis will indicate exactly how your car needs ‘chip tuning’ in order to restore balance to the car as well as optimise performance into the future.

ECU Remapping And Tuning Process

ECU remapping means changing various parameters in the program or ‘map’. It frees your engine of the restrictions of ‘average’ ECU settings.

Every engine has a unique map that we can fine tune to improve power output and, in many cases, fuel consumption.

When remapping a vehicle, we take a reading from the ECU’s processing chip of your vehicle and then adjust various parameters such as:

  • Fuel Pressure
  • Boost Pressure (on turbocharged applications)
  • Ignition Advance
  • Throttle Pedal Control

What Happens With An ECU Remap?

For an optimal ECU remap Perth, especially when fuel saving is the priority, we focus on improving low-end torque and widening the power band as much as possible.

More low-end torque means you need less throttle to maintain cruising speeds when fully laden or going uphill.

It also means staying in higher gears at slower speeds and changing gears less often.

How Safe Is ECU Remapping?

Remapping an engine is a completely safe process. It gives the engine the performance it should have had before compromises were made to the original programming.

Every engine will have its own unique map. By adjusting this we can fine tune the characteristics of your engine; unleash more power and in many cases, reduce fuel consumption too.

Does An ECU Remap Improve Fuel Economy?

When you adjust your driving style to take advantage of the extra low-end torque, you will see a decrease in fuel consumption.

This is most noticeable on turbo-diesel engines, where we see improvements of up to 20%.

4 ECU Remap Benefits Include…

  1. Improved Power and Torque (resulting in more power and ‘pick up’ when you accelerate)
  2. Improved Fuel Economy (meaning reduced fuel costs)
  3. Improved Engine Performance (giving you a smoother drive and reduced risk of breakdown)
  4. Improved Throttle Response (more power with better fuel economy)

If your car doesn’t feel ‘quite right’, chances are it needs an ECU remap.

Get your vehicle running the way it should with a chip tune (also known as ECU remapping) with our expert mobile mechanics who come to your home or workplace…

ECU Remapping starts from $1,150.

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