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Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Perth

Don’t get caught out buying a used car with minor or major faults and problems. Get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection Perth done before buying your next car.

Our qualified mechanics will go through a used car checklist of the vehicle you’re considering buying and give you a detailed report.

We’ll also let you know of the potential costs involved in fixing any existing problems or future ones.

If you’re buying a second hand car, a vehicle inspection is a small investment to make which could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the track.

After all, buying a secondhand car is a sizeable investment and you don’t want to have to spend your hard-earned money on car repairs you weren’t aware existed at the time of purchase.

What To Look For When Buying a Used Car

There are many things to check when buying a used car, and only a full, comprehensive inspection by a qualified mechanic will reveal problems that may be present at the time of purchase.

Whether you’re buying a second hand car from a private seller or buying from a car dealer, there are some simple DIY car inspection checks you can do.

Here’s an 8 point car inspection checklist of what to look for when buying a used car

  1. Inspect the car during during the daytime – having daylight allows you to inspect the vehicle for scratches, dents, panel work etc
  2. Press and pull dials, buttons etc – make sure everything works (or you might have to fix it later)
  3. Test doors – open and close all doors including the bonnet and boot to check for alignment issues or rust
  4. Engine inspection – check the engine for any obvious leaks. Check the oil dipstick and the battery terminal for corrosion
  5. Check tyre condition and tread – tyres are expensive, so if there’s little tread left or they’re in bad condition, this might be a negotiation point to lower the buying price.
  6. Interior condition – check the seats visually as well as their function including seatbelts. Lift up floor mats and carpet if possible.
  7. Car underbody – it can be hard to check the underbody of a car unless it’s up on a hoist or on ramps. But a quick look underneath can reveal any leaks or broken parts hanging from the car
  8. Test drive – this is the most crucial as it will indicate any obvious issues with the car. Be aware of steering issues, braking and vibrations. Also check for the volume and colour of the exhaust emissions.

Car Pre Purchase Inspections Perth

When it comes to mobile car pre purchase inspections Perth, the team at Auto Smart Mechanical have got you covered.

Whether it’s a mobile car safety inspection Perth, or a pre purchase inspection, we’ll check the car from top to bottom to ensure the car is running as well as it should.

We will thoroughly inspect the car, 4×4 or truck, going through the following checklist…


  • Windscreen check for cracks
  • Body panel check colors match
  • Rust check in jams/seams/hinges
  • Bonnet and boot alignment check
  • Doors and fenders alignment check
  • Weather stripping check
  • Car body scratches and chips check
  • Car body dents or panel check
  • Wheels dent check
  • Type condition and tread check
  • Spare tyre, jack and lugnut check


  • Fluid or oil leaks check
  • Oil filler neck check
  • Battery terminals corrosion check
  • Oil dip stick check
  • Odors check while engine running
  • Exhaust pipe emissions check


  • Seats condition and safety check
  • Door opening and closing and alignment check
  • Gauges, buttons, and knobs function check
  • Dashboard warning lights illumination check
  • Stereo and speakers check
  • Air conditioner and heater check
  • Windscreen wipers condition and function check
  • Windscreen wiper fluid present and dispensing correctly
  • Seat safety, adjustment and seat belt check
  • Power windows check
  • Boot and driver-side door lock and unlock manually with key
  • Hazard lights check
  • Dashboard crack check
  • Sun visor check

Brakes and Steering:

  • Car steering check
  • Brakes check
  • Emergency brake check
  • Steering vibration while driving check
  • Noise check

Aside from the car inspection tips we listed above if you’re doing a DIY inspection, having a mobile car inspection Perth can give you peace of mind before you buy a used car.

Second hand cars always come with a level of risk but you can minimise your risk of buying a lemon by having a qualified Perth mechanic inspect the vehicle before you buy.

It could save you thousands of dollars down the road, not to mention frustration and heartache if you suffer one or multiple car breakdowns.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections start from $275

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