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(PLUS, Dealerships Vs Workshops Vs Mobile Mechanics, Which Is Best?)

A Perth Volkswagen car service is crucial for keeping your vehicle in good working order as well as being safer and potentially achieving a higher resale price when it comes time to sell.

With Perth located on a river and close to the ocean, looking after your car inside and out will save you money in the short-term and help you extend the life of your car over the long-term.

For a specialist Volkswagen mechanic Perth, finding a qualified technician is the best way to ensure your VW is well maintained, runs longer and costs less in the long run.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean having to take your vehicle to expensive dealerships for a service.

You can have your VW serviced or repaired with other workshops, garages or mobile mechanics and keep your warranty intact.

Just check with the mechanic before you book in for a service.

For the best Volkswagen service Perth, be sure to check the mechanic’s online reviews to see what their past customers have said about their work, punctuality and professionalism.

Some of the things we’ll cover in the article are…

Vehicle Servicing Checks

When it comes to getting a Volkswagen service, there are several checks and tests an auto mechanic will carry out, such as an oil and filter change and a tyre check.

These form part of the overall service and once complete, you’ll receive a service report, detailing the technician’s work, findings, fixes and recommendations.

With a Volkswagen car service Perth, you’ll have the option to choose between local mechanics operating out of workshops or garages, as well as dealerships and mobile mechanics.

Common Faults For Many Popular Volkswagen Models

Some of the most popular VW models such as the Polo, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan and Touareg, have some well-known faults with engines and automatic transmissions.

We’ll be outlining general Volkswagen service information, common faults for over 30 different models as well as things to look out for to avoid breakdowns as part of regular preventative maintenance of your vehicle.

Vehicle Servicing Costs For Every Size Of VW…

Finally, a service shouldn’t break the bank.

It’s often worth getting a Volkswagen service quote from a few different mechanics and comparing these with their experience and reviews to ensure you put your vehicle in the right hands for servicing or repairs.

In short… we’ll detail everything you need to know about servicing and repairing a Volkswagen in Perth…

Volkswagen Service Perth

VW Servicing Perth WA

When a manufacturer releases a new car, they provide a recommended service schedule.

A Volkswagen service schedule usually recommends you have your vehicle serviced every 15,000 kilometres or 12 months, whichever comes first.

How can you ensure you won’t forget?

Whenever the service lights on your dashboard come on, one of those two criteria have been met, and it’s time to find a reliable mechanic to service your vehicle.

If you’ve got your regular mechanic you go to, they may even check in with you about your next service.

A thorough Volkswagen service deals with your specific model and can often involve extra checks on known problem areas for that model, which could involve common problems with the cambelt, EGR valve or DPF.

Before hiring anyone, be sure to do your research to ensure they’re reliable, trustworthy and offer the best Volkswagen service in Perth so you get reliability and value for money.

What about your warranty?

If you have a newer car, check that the service the mechanic offers will ensure you keep your new car warranty intact.

Next, check out previous customer’s comments and Volkswagen service reviews, which you should be able to find on social media profiles or through a quick Google search.

Once you book a mechanic either at their workshop or at your home or office, it’s a good idea to at least know some of the basics they’ll be working on.

A Volkswagen service checklist may include the following (and more):

  • Top-ups and refills of all engine fluids (brake fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid, etc)
  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Battery check
  • Check and replace spark plugs (if standard)
  • Coolant system check and test
  • Repack wheel bearings
  • Change trans line oils
  • In-depth visual checks on:
  • Brakes
  • Tyres (including pressurising them to the correct level if necessary)
  • Engine belts
  • Lines and hoses
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Lights
  • Wipers
  • Air, cabin and fuel filters
  • General checks:
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Engine
  • Air conditioning system

For a basic Volkswagen service oil change, this is included as standard on all services. It should also include changing of the actual oil filter itself.

With a VW specialist Perth, general tests undertaken by a might involve things like a road test or running the engine for a few minutes to listen and feel for any problems.

After initial inspections, top-ups and checks the mechanic will provide you with their findings and outline what’s included in the Volkswagen full service cost.

These often include things to repair immediately and things to keep an eye on in the next 3 to 6 months.

At the end, they’ll stamp your Volkswagen service book and turn off the service warning light on the instrument cluster.

In today’s busy world, many people don’t have enough free time to take their car to a garage.

So instead of taking your car to a Volkswagen service centre in Perth, you could engage a mobile mechanic to come to you.

This takes the hassle out of your day and means you don’t have to make multiple trips to a mechanic’s garage.

For more information about a Volkswagen mobile service you can talk to the team here at Auto Smart Mechanical or you can search in google for ‘Volkswagen mechanic near me’ which will provide you with plenty of options for mobile mechanics across the city.

Volkswagen Repairs Perth (Mobile Repairs)

VW Repairs Perth WA

The Volkswagen brand is synonymous with European engineering. Its vision for the future is bright and industry-leading, with electric cars (EVs) such as the ID.4 paving the way to a sustainable way of living.

However, VW’s on the roads today are, like all brands, are affected by some common issues.

For Volkswagen repairs in Perth, here’s a list of things you should be watching out for with each area of your vehicle…

VW Brake Repairs

When it comes to brakes, be on the lookout for the following:

  • Reduced “stopping” power – if your VW car’s brakes don’t seem as effective as they used to be, there could be an issue with callipers, brake lines or the servo. These should be checked immediately by a professional.
  • “Spongey”-type feeling in the pedal – this common issue usually comes down to air bubbles forming within the brake fluid. A quick fluid top-up and brake bleed should solve this. Alternatively, a full brake fluid flush and replacement is sometimes needed.
  • Juddering under braking – a shaking, juddering feeling could be caused by any number of things. Some of the most common would be damage to the rotors or pads, a fault in the ABS system or the presence of a foreign body such as dirt or a pebble.
  • Squealing sounds when braking – most brakes squeak slightly – there’s usually no problem with this. However, once they start making an uncomfortable squealing sound it means the pads have worn down and need to be changed straight away.

Brakes are the stopping power for your car and, as such, need to be well looked after.

It’s usually recommended to change rotors and pads at the same time. This means the pad will sit more cleanly in the “groove” it creates on the rotor face.

Drum brakes (often found on rear wheels) might also be adjusted as part of regular brake maintenance.

VW Engine Repairs

VW engines can suffer from a wide range of problems that need repairing.

Engine problems often seen with Volkswagens include:

  • Check engine light – the check engine warning light on the dashboard might come on. It’s usually because of an emissions issue but could represent anything from a simple problem (such as needing an engine oil top-up) to something more serious, as detailed below.
  • Misfires – misfires usually result in reduced engine power. They’re when the air/fuel mixture within the cylinder doesn’t ignite, for whatever reason.
  • Reduced engine power – reduced engine power could be caused by any number of things, such as dirty spark plugs, incorrect valve timing, ignition coil faults, a blown head gasket or pressure leak.
  • Random stalling – stalling (when the engine cuts out) is a serious issue, especially if it happens while you’re driving.

With all engine repairs for Volkswagens, there are so many variables that it’s recommended to have it checked over by a trained and experienced mechanic.

VW Suspension Repairs

Volkswagen suspension issues are often noticeable, particularly if you live in an area with bad roads or the front wheels have been affected.

Sometimes, particularly with smaller hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen Golf, it might be hard to notice when there are problems with the rear suspension.

A regular service and inspection will pick up on these issues for you.

The suspension is everything keeping the car’s occupants “suspended” above the road. Its main components are the springs and shock absorbers (or, in technical terms, “dampers”).

Most modern cars use coil springs. Older cars, trucks and serious off-road vehicles are more likely to use leaf springs.

Well-documented suspension issues usually include:

  • Broken spring – coil springs can “snap”. The break usually happens due to either rust or a sudden harsh impact (like a pothole). You can usually visually see a snapped spring. Be careful not to reach in with your hand as it could slip and cause you some serious damage.
  • Broken shock absorber – the shock absorber can also break. Again, this is most likely to happen if a heavy, immediate force is applied. When a shock absorber isn’t working, you’ll notice the car feeling uneven and almost like you’re on a boat. Upon inspection, you’ll probably see fluid dripping down the side of the shock.
  • Snapped top mount – top mounts hold the strut (which, in turn, holds the springs and shock absorber) in place. When it breaks, the suspension on that wheel won’t be as effective as the others.
  • Snapped drop links – drop links, also known as link rods or anti-roll bar links, connect the suspension to the anti-roll bar. If they snap, you’ll notice more body roll. If they don’t get replaced relatively soon, it can lead reduced stability when cornering.

Because of the strong tension forces held in springs, suspensions can be dangerous to work on without professional equipment like spring compressors.

If you notice problems such as a jarring feeling every time you hit a small bump or a wallowing feeling around corners, see a specialised Volkswagen automotive mechanic near you.

VW Steering Repairs

The steering system of a car begins with the steering wheel and ends with the wheels and tyres.

The motion transmits through the steering column and rack before going down a series of arms and moving the wheels left or right.

Volkswagen steering issues are a reasonably common problem and nothing to worry about too much, although you should get any issues repaired quickly.

Regular maintenance and servicing can help reduce the damage steering problems might cause…

Misaligned wheels – usually referred to as “tracking”, wheel alignment is the direction your tyres turn. The focus is predominantly on the front wheels, although all four need attention. Wheel alignment is described as either “toe in” or “toe out”.

A helpful comparison is to look at your feet and point them towards and then away from each other – these represent toeing in and out, respectively.

You’ll notice the wheels are misaligned if you hold the steering wheel straight but the car moves off to the left or the right. Uneven wear across a single tyre is also a sign of this.

Steering play – if you can feel “play” in the steering wheel (a sort of rattling – moving the steering wheel without causing any movement in the direction of the tyres), there is probably an issue somewhere in the steering system.

Vibrating steering wheel – if the steering wheel vibrates noticeably, especially if it increases as you speed up, it’s usually a sign of imbalanced wheels.

When fitted, wheels should always be balanced, but the weights mechanics use will eventually fall off. As such, the wheel and tyre “wobble” as they rotate, creating a vibration. You’ll probably only need wheel balancing services.

To fix Volkswagen steering issues, it’s best to get the issue looked at as soon as possible. In the long run, this prevents further damage and more expensive repairs.

VW Air Conditioning Repairs

VW air conditioning systems need repairs just as often as any other brand.

The air conditioning system works by using a compressor (driven by the fan belt on the engine) to force a refrigerant through a series of metal pipes.

As the refrigerant condenses and evaporates, it takes the heat and humidity out of the incoming air, giving you that nice cooling feeling.

Common Volkswagen air-con repairs might include:

Air conditioning re-gas – “re-gassing” the air conditioning system tops up the refrigerant and oil and refreshes everything. If you notice the air conditioning losing its effectiveness – as in, the air is blowing out lukewarm or hot – a re-gas might solve the problem.

Broken compressor – the compressor drives the entire system. Without it, nothing works. It’s simplest to just replace the compressor.

Snapped compressor pulley – the fan belt, attached to the crankshaft pulley, drives a number of other systems including the air conditioning compressor.

If the pulley snaps, the compressor will stop working. In this situation, you’ll only need a new pulley, rather than an entirely new compressor.

Air conditioning leak – the pipes, components and rubber parts of the air conditioning system are all susceptible to developing leaks, although not too commonly.

These are usually the slightest cracks. To fix them, mechanics will use specialist UV lamps and replacement or patching materials.

All air conditioning system work must be carried out by a qualified professional. This is because the refrigerant used is both poisonous and extremely polluting. You usually need specialist machines to hook up to the high and low pressure ports, too.

Contact a Volkswagen specialist mechanic in Perth when your vehicle develops an air conditioning problem, as it may prevent a more expensive fix later on.

VW Tyre Repairs and Replacement

Whether your VW is fitted with Bridgestones, Continentals, Hankooks, Michelins or Kumhos, all tyres are subject to problems with punctures and fitting issues.

Keeping an eye on your tyre pressures is an essential part of staying safe on the road.

If you notice a tyre going down – whether quickly or slowly – it’s probably due to a puncture. Occasionally, you might have a problem with the tyre bead instead.

Tyre issues can sometimes be repaired. On the other occasions, they’ll need to be replaced with new ones.

As a general rule, if the puncture is in the middle of the tyre, in the tread, it can be patched up simply and cheaply.

If, however, the puncture is in the tyre wall or within a thumb’s length of it, patching won’t work. Therefore, a replacement is needed.

It’s usually recommended to get at least mid-range tyres as, provided they don’t pick up a puncture, they usually work out to be cheaper in the long run by lasting longer.

VW Battery Replacement

Replacing your car battery is likely to be needed every 3 to 5 years.

Common signs that you need your battery replaced might include:

  • The car won’t start (but you can hear either a click or some cranking)
  • Difficulty starting the engine, especially on cold mornings.
  • Dim lights
  • Battery discharge warning light on the dashboard

When replacing your battery, the mechanic might also conduct a battery test.

This device is essentially a specialist multimeter and is used for checking the conditions of batteries, alternators and starter motors.

If either of the others have been affected (they are all fairly interdependent devices), the technician might recommend a replacement part for it too.

VW Servicing Perth – Common Faults And Problems

VW Repairs Perth WA

Volkswagen is a popular brand across Australia. As is often the case with other manufacturers, older models tend to be easier to work on but more prone to breakdowns.

Nowadays, the reverse is usually true – while things go wrong less often, when they do they tend to be more severe.

VW vehicles are susceptible to many of the same issues plaguing any of the vehicles on the roads today.

VW Specialists Perth

As expert VW mechanics, we’ve seen it all when it comes to major or minor problems relating to the engine, transmission, tyres, suspension, bodywork, electrical systems, steering, and many more.

In this section of the article, we’ll briefly cover a few of the most common problems with various VW models such as…

  1. Polo
  2. Golf
  3. New Beetle
  4. Polo GTI
  5. Golf GTI
  6. Scirocco
  7. Up
  8. Eos
  • Amarok
  • Jetta
  • Passat
  • CC
  • Arteon
  • T-Cross
  • T-ROC
  • Tiguan
  • Touareg
  • California
  • Caravelle
  • Multivan
  • Transporter
  • Caddy
  • Crafter

Let’s get started with hatchbacks…

Volkswagen Hatchbacks

Volkswagen hatchbacks great for city driving, singles, couples, small families and general car enthusiasts.

They most often have five seats and either three or five doors (including the boot). Nowadays, hot hatches are also available, significantly spicing up the market.

In this section, we’ll talk about some of the most popular VW hatchbacks such as…

  • Up
  • Polo
  • Golf
  • New Beetle
  • Polo GTI
  • Golf GTI
  • Scirocco
  • Eos

Volkswagen Up! Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Servicing Perth

The Volkswagen Up – stylised as the Up! – was first produced in December 2011 as a small city car. It has a 1.0-litre engine and has won several awards.

Sales peaked in 2013, with 130,039 models sold. The Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo use the same platform as the Up.

As of 2018, a GTI version is also available, with an electric model released in 2013.

Volkswagen Up common problems include the list we’ve compiled here…

Gearbox – one of the biggest and most often mentioned Volkswagen Up faults reported by owners concerns the gearbox.

For example, the car might refuse to go into reverse, judder while driving or develop a gear cluster rattle. It’s usually worth getting an expert mechanic to look at your Up if you have a gearbox issue.

The automatic gearbox found on the Up isn’t a traditional automatic, but rather an automated manual. This can be difficult to get used to.

Dual mass flywheel – the dual mass flywheel is known to break on the Up. As it gets worn down, it starts to slip, and will eventually break completely, causing significant amounts of damage.

Catching it sooner will help keep costs down, so watch out for any vibrations as you pull away or any rattling sounds from the engine.

This might be one of the more expensive Volkswagen Up issues.

Clutch – most people purchase an Up for city-use. As such, it’s probably seen an awful lot of stop/start traffic through its life.

This puts much more strain on the clutch than generic highway driving, and so it may start to wear prematurely.

Overall, Volkswagen Up reliability is tremendous. WhatCar gave it a reliability rating of 94.8%.

For a Volkswagen Up service Perth, prices start at $360.00. If you’re driving a newer Up, getting it serviced with us means you can keep your new car warranty.

For older models, servicing helps to lower your costs in the future by helping the car run more smoothly.

With Volkswagen Up repairs Perth, we’d recommend giving us a call. We’re more than happy to have a quick chat about what’s wrong with your car.

If necessary, we might arrange to send one of our technicians to you to have a look over any advanced issues. We can usually give quotes over the phone, but it occasionally makes more sense to see the car first.

Volkswagen Polo Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Polo Servicing Perth

The Volkswagen Polo was first introduced to the world in the mid-1970s. It was, to all intents and purposes, a rebadged Audi 50.

It fits nicely into the supermini class of cars and has been competitive around the world.

Here are some Volkswagen Polo common problems to watch out for…

Timing chain – 1.2 petrol models use a timing chain, where most others are fitted with a belt.

As one of the lesser-known Volkswagen Polo faults, the timing chain is known to rattle as it works loose, so keep an ear out for any usual signs.

EA189 diesel engine – the EA198 diesel engine was recalled as part of the Dieselgate scandal. Its emissions are high and thus the engine needs to be looked at by a VW dealership.

Since this is one of many engines affected by Dieselgate (and general Volkswagen Polo reliability problems), the charges for this should be minimal, provided you owned the car when Volkswagen issued their worldwide apology in September 2015.

Fuel filter leaks – certain 1.2 models built between 2010 and 2014 are prone to the fuel filter breaking and leaking.

Air conditioning – the air conditioning on a VW Polo is notorious for no longer blowing cold air out. This could be due to a wide range of potential issues.

The system might simply need a regas. If not, the compressor might be broken or there could be a leak somewhere in the pipes.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) – when diesel cars are only used for short trips, such as across cities, the DPF can clog up.

A warning light will come up on your dashboard. This is one of the more common Volkswagen Polo issues.

Transmission/gearbox – transmission problems are one of the most commonly reported among Polo owners. To look after a Polo, ensure the gearbox oil is always topped up and that there are no leaks.

Unfortunately, these problems are often related to hydraulics or electronics, and thus require specialist attention.

For a Volkswagen Polo service Perth, costs start from $360.00.

Servicing with us means you can keep your new car warranty, and for older models, regular servicing will help keep your car maintenance and repair costs down over the long term.

For Volkswagen Polo repairs Perth, costs can vary significantly depending on what the issue is, what parts need to be replaced.

For a quote, it’s best to give us a call for a quick chat to discuss the issue or potentially arrange an inspection in person by one of our mechanics.

Volkswagen Golf Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Golf Servicing Perth

The most well-known of all VW small cars, the Golf emerged from the production line in Wolfsburg in 1974.

Overall, Volkswagen Golf reliability is competitive. It’s Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicle (of all time) and was introduced as an updated replacement for the much-loved Beetle.

Many of the Volkswagen Golf’s common problems relate to either the engine or transmission…

ABS unit – in older Golfs built between 1997 and 2004, there’s an electrical fault with the ABS unit which can cause it to overheat.

Volkswagen Golf issues such as this mean it’s important to get a replacement quickly, as it could eventually start a fire.

Brake responsiveness – when you have to push the pedal almost all the way to the floor before the brakes engage, it usually means there’s a crack in the brake servo pipe. The pipe needs to be changed.

Misfires – a misfire is when a cylinder’s power stroke isn’t happening. This can be caused by any number of underlying problems, although is often related to clogged up spark plugs or the ignition coil packs.

As one of a few Volkswagen Golf faults relating to engines, the coil packs are known to break in clusters, so check all of them for damage.

Both spark plugs and coil packs for a Golf should be available from any parts store.

Fuel pump – one of the more well-known issues with the VW Golf is when the fuel pump starts rattling.

It’ll be particularly bad when you start the engine and under hard acceleration, and seems to reappear at random intervals while the engine is on.

The high-pressure fuel pump is driven by the camshaft and might need replacing as often as every 32,000 km.

Water pump – the car might diagnose itself as having an issue with the supercharger. However, the supercharger and water pump are directly connected.

If the water pump isn’t working, it’ll likely cause the vehicle to switch into Limp Home mode.

Rough gear changes – when an automatic transmission breaks, a rebuild or replacement is almost inevitable. Unfortunately, if it’s reached this point, you’re likely to need one or the other.

Front suspension bushes – squeaking or rattling coming from the front suspension is usually caused by worn out bushes. They’ll need replacing to get rid of this issue.

For a Volkswagen Golf service Perth, it costs from $360.00. Getting your Golf serviced regularly will help keep the running costs lower over the coming years.

Our services will also keep your manufacturer warranty if you’re driving a newer Golf.

For Volkswagen Golf repairs Perth, prices can depend on what work needs doing. We’ll be able to quote you more accurately the more information we have.

To get an estimate, you’re welcome to give us a call. Depending on the issue, we might need to send a mechanic to look over the car for you, in order to get a better diagnosis of the fault.

Volkswagen New Beetle Service And Repairs

Volkswagen New Beetle Servicing Perth

The Volkswagen Beetle is (technically) the original “Volkswagen”, or “People’s Car” in German.

With roots in Germany before World War II, the Beetle went through several phases before it was eventually picked up as a mainstream consumer car – which was, after all, its original purpose.

It was produced from 1937 to 2019 in various forms, including the more commonly seen VW New Beetle and VW Beetle A5.

Volkswagen Beetle reliability has a decent reputation.

However, even with over 21,000,000 Beetles made, there are a number of issues that Volkswagen never managed to iron out.

Here is a list of Volkswagen New Beetle common problems to watch out for….

Check engine light – VW Beetle models around the year 2000 and onwards are commonly affected by issues that cause the engine warning light to come on.

To fix one of the most common causes requires either a new MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor or a new glow plug circuit.

Electricals – Beetle models in the early part of the 21st century suffered issues relating to the interior electrics.

Lights blink, hazard lights and indicators come on and the battery warning light pops up. The cause tends to be a faulty wiring harness.

Transmission – like many models, main Volkswagen New Beetle faults can include issues with the automatic transmission.

Gear shifts become clunky and harsh. You’ll often find the car going into Limp Home mode, too.

Unfortunately, once a car reaches this point, the transmission requires either a rebuild or replacement. A mechanic should advise you as to which option is most suitable.

Window regulators – one of the most common Volkswagen New Beetles issues from the early 2000s is models fitted with faulty window regulators.

Climate system – around the model years 2012 and 2013, many owners report issues with the air conditioning and heating being faulty.

Air conditioning problems could be caused by needing a re-gas, a broken compressor or a leak somewhere.

Heating problems could be caused by the blower motor or blower motor resistor; heater control valve, core or hose; or thermostat.

For a Volkswagen New Beetle service Perth, it costs from $360.00 for a full VW direct service. This includes an oil and filter change and a safety inspection.

No matter your New Beetle’s age, getting a service will help reduce your costs going forward as well as making it more pleasant to drive.

For Volkswagen New Beetle repairs Perth, feel free to give us a call.

Often, we can answer questions on the phone, although it’s sometimes useful to send a technician out to look over your car.

Volkswagen Polo GTI Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Polo GTI Servicing Perth

The Polo GTI is the performance (hot hatch) version of the regular Polo. Its roots can be traced back to the Polo G40 sold in the UK from 1990 to 1994.

Nowadays, it’s one of the best hot hatches out there, with the current generation borrowing a slightly down-tuned version of the Golf GTI’s 2.0-litre supercharged engine.

Volkswagen Polo GTI reliability is reasonably good for a sporty car, and it has a loyal crowd of followers to this day.

As with most cars designed for performance, there are a few faults that the Polo GTI is well known for.

Here are listed some Volkswagen Polo GTI common problems…

High oil consumption – owners with a 1.4 TSI engine have sometimes noticed Volkswagen Polo GTI issues where the oil levels drop strangely quickly.

While all cars burn oil to some extent, losing the majority of the lubricant could make the engine seize.

Clutch – performance cars tend to be driven fast, putting many of the powertrain components through more stress than standard cars.

As such, one of the most common Volkswagen Polo GTI faults is clutch failure. A new clutch will be in order.

DSG unit – a Direct-Shift Gearbox is a dual-clutch automatic gearbox fitted to many Polo GTI models. Between 2010 and 2012, they have a reputation for playing up.

Dashboard panels – you might find the dashboard panels rattling slightly when you’re driving.

For a Volkswagen Polo GTI service Perth, we charge from $360.00. This service ncludes an oil and filter change, fluid top up and a safety inspection.

Regular servicing will mean your Polo GTI runs more smoothly and can cope with high performance tasks.

If you’re driving a new VW Polo GTI, servicing with us means you can keep your manufacturer warranty.

With Volkswagen Polo GTI repairs Perth, feel free to phone us to have a brief chat about your issue.

We can often provide quotes over the phone, but sometimes feel it’s necessary to arrange an in-person inspection so we can give you a more accurate price.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Golf GTI Servicing Perth

The sportier version of the Golf is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. While the original Golf was released in 1974, the Golf GTI was introduced in 1976 with a 1.6-litre fuel injected engine.

Since that first model, the company has continued to release a GTI model with every Golf generation.

GTI stands for Grand Touring Injection.

Volkswagen Golf GTI faults are generally well-known, since the car has been around for so long…

Timing chain tensioner – the timing chain is prone to jumping on the Mk6, in particular.

The cause is a faulty tensioner, and so getting the tensioner and chain replaced should solve the problem.

An updated tensioner part was developed and released in 2013 which should prevent the issue from reoccurring.

This is one of the most infamous VW Golf GTI common problems.

Carbon build-up on valves – this is a problem affecting all direct-injection engines. As carbon builds up on the valves, it’ll begin to impact the airflow and, therefore, the power output of the engine.

You might notice that you’re using more fuel than usual and the check engine light will most likely illuminate.

While the carbon build-up is, unfortunately, unavoidable, it can be remedied with a clean.

Coolant temperature sensor – the Golf GTI Mk6 is known for coolant temperature sensor failure.

Replacing this sensor should be a cheap fix, although it’s recommended to use an official Volkswagen part rather than an aftermarket piece

PCV valve – Volkswagen Golf GTI issues with the PCV valve are usually down to the diaphragm breaking inside it.

Your check engine light will probably come on and a code reader will suggest a lean air code.

A broken PCV valve can also cause rear main seal failure due to the crankcase pressure increasing. Getting the PCV valve changed as soon as possible helps avoid all these issues.

Wastegate rattle – the turbocharger on the VW Golf GTI Mk6 can develop a rattle. This is caused by the rod on the wastegate.

In some cases, a special clip developed by Volkswagen can be attached, but usually a new turbocharger unit is required.

Ignition coils – sending the electrical charge into the spark plugs, the ignition coils in the Golf GTI are known to fail, leading to engine misfires.

To maintain Volkswagen Golf GTI reliability, a new set of coil packs should bring it back to health.

With a Volkswagen Golf GTI service Perth, prices start at $360.00. Regular servicing on older Golf GTI models means your maintenance and running costs should be lower in the long term.

Getting a service done with us also means you can keep your manufacturer warranty.

For Volkswagen Golf GTI repairs Perth, the cost depends on the specific issue. For example, we may need to order parts or use specialist equipment.

To get a quote, it’s best to give us a call so we can have a chat about the issue in question and potentially arrange for a physical inspection, if necessary.

Volkswagen Scirocco Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Sirocco Servicing Perth

Designed as a more stylish and slightly higher-end version of the Golf, the Scirocco made its debut six months before its more well-known younger brother.

It was in production from 1974 to 1992, with a pause before the third generation came out, made from 2008 to 2017.

The name Scirocco comes from the Mediterranean summer wind by the same name.

Some Volkswagen Scirocco common problems include the below:

Carbon build-up in the intake – a build-up of carbon in the intake manifold can lead to rough idling, high fuel consumption and a check engine light.

With these Volkswagen Scirocco issues, cleaning the carbon deposits off should fix the problem, unless the manifold is broken. In this case, a new part is needed.

DPF – like many diesel cars, the Scirocco needs to be driven at high engine speeds for a good while to help burn off the particulates.

If it never gets hot enough – for example, if the car is mostly driven around the city – these clog the filter up.

It’ll need a clean and potentially need to be replaced – for this, you might need a specialist diesel mechanic Perth or a company whose focus is carbon cleaning.

Spark plugs – Volkswagen Scirocco faults can include spark plugs, causing irregular misfires. You might notice the engine feeling jerky or hesitant.

A new set of spark plugs is a good cheap way to fix this.

Glove box lid – Sciroccos are known for early glove box failure. For example, you might notice it rattling.

While not the end of the world, it can be easily fixed with a new replacement.

Excessive front tyre wear – the front tyres, especially on the 2.0-litre diesel models, wear down quite quickly.

Keep a constant eye on your tyres’ tread levels using a tread depth gauge to maintain your Volkswagen Scirocco reliability on the roads.

With a Volkswagen Scirocco service Perth, prices start at $360.00.

If you’re driving one of the later Sciroccos, your Volkswagen warranty may still be valid – servicing with us means you keep it. For older models, regular servicing reduces the strain on the vehicle and keeps your ongoing costs lower.

For Volkswagen Scirocco repairs Perth, it’s a good idea to give us a call to tell us about what’s going on.

We’re happy to chat to you about the problem and give you a quote over the phone.

When a problem is more difficult to diagnose – for example, electrical or engine issues – we might arrange for one of our mechanics to visit you and your Scirocco in person to try to narrow down the cause.

Volkswagen Eos Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Eos Servicing Perth

The VW Eos was produced from 2006 to 2015. It is technically known as a sport compact cabriolet coupé, meaning it’s a small, sporty convertible.

Assembled in Portugal, it’s the only true successor to the VW Gold Cabriolet, and uses the same A5 platform as the Touran, Golf Mk 5 and 6, Jetta Mk 5 and 6, Scirocco and the newer Beetle.

Over time, some Volkswagen Eos common problems have been revealed…

High-pressure fuel pump – earlier 2.0-litre turbo Volkswagen Eos faults often surrounded the high-pressure fuel pump.

If this fails, the engine will feel quite hesitant and the check engine light should come on. In this case, a new pump is needed.

Camshaft/camshaft follower – also for the 2.0-litre turbo model, the camshaft or camshaft follower can get worn down.

This is part of the same problem as mentioned above. If an inspection reveals a worn-down camshaft or camshaft follower, it should be replaced with a new part.

Window won’t roll back up – model years 2007 to 2012 are known for a problem whereby the window doesn’t go back up after you drop it a small amount.

To reset the programmer, you can cycle the power door lock and then the key switch. This should fix it.

Carbon build-up – throughout its lifespan, the Eos used direct-injection engines (FSI and TSI).

Direct-injection engines are all more liable to carbon build-up, which can cause misfires, a rough idle and a check engine light. To clean it, a technician will need to remove the intake manifold, ports and valves.

Bad smell from the heater – one of the lesser-known Volkswagen Eos issues is that condensation is known to build up within the heater case.

Check the drain for any blockages – it’s probably clogged up, causing the moisture build-up. Once the water has been removed, you can use a cleaner to help get rid of the smell.

Concerning Volkswagen Eos reliability, owners generally reported fewer issues with the newer models (2011-2016).

Despite this, the design remained pretty much the same throughout its life apart from a facelift in October 2010.

For a Volkswagen Eos service Perth, it costs from $360.00. During the job, the mechanic will check for common issues and, importantly, stick to a Volkswagen-compliant service.

Although your Eos isn’t likely to be covered by a warranty any more, regular Volkswagen service intervals of 6 months or 10,000km will help reduce your costs in the long run.

Having a full service history will also help with resale value if you come to sell the car.

With Volkswagen Eos repairs Perth, the cost depends on what work needs doing.

For example, we may need to order some parts or the job may be complicated (or simple). We factor all this into account when giving you a quote.

We’d usually recommend calling us so we can have a brief conversation about what’s wrong.

In most cases, we’ll offer you a quote over the phone, but it’s sometimes best to send one of our technicians out to you.

They’ll perform a quick physical inspection to narrow down the cause of your problem.

Volkswagen Sedans

A VW sedan offers sleek, business-like styling and practicality to go with it.

The Jetta and Passat are extremely popular, both across Australia and the world in general.

  • Jetta
  • Passat
  • CC
  • Arteon

Volkswagen Jetta Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Jetta Servicing Perth

Known by different names throughout the world (such as Vento or Boro), the VW Jetta is a small family car that comes in either a sedan or station wagon.

Volkswagen first began manufacturing it in 1979 to fill a market gap above the Golf. Production continues to this day with the seventh generation (2018) currently on sale.

Many Volkswagen Jetta faults are related to age and general maintenance, often showing themselves through issues with the engine or transmission.

Below, see a few Volkswagen Jetta common problems…

Misfires – like many cars, the Jetta is known for misfires. The check engine light comes on and it’s usually related to either spark plugs or ignition coils.

It’s particularly prevalent in models built in 1996 and onward.

Automatic transmission shifting issues – this is one of the most well-known Volkswagen Jetta issues.

If the automatic gearbox starts playing up, you’re likely to need an entirely new unit.

Timing chain – the 2005 Jetta commonly receives complaints about the timing chain breaking.

As soon as you hear any kind of rattling or the engine starts struggling, search for a mechanic near you. If at all possible, avoid driving the car until it’s fixed.

Oil burning – all cars burn oil to some extent, which is partly why oil servicing and top-ups are so important.

Concerning Volkswagen Jetta reliability, the 2002 model was notorious for burning far too much oil.

If the oil level gets too low, there won’t be enough to lubricate the engine, leading to permanent damage and, eventually, the engine seizing.

Oil sludge – in contrast to Jettas in 2002, 2003 models are often known for breaking down due to sludge build-up.

To prevent this, it’s worth getting an oil change and/or using engine additives to break down any nasty (and damaging) sludge.

For a Volkswagen Jetta service Perth, costs start from $360.00. A service includes an oil and filter change, fluid top-ups and a general check around your vehicle.

With a Volkswagen service warranty, our services follow manufacturer criteria and thus maintain it if you’re driving a newer Jetta.

For Volkswagen Jetta repairs Perth, we price everything on a quote basis to give you the fairest cost.

Feel free to give us a call and let us know what’s wrong. If the situation calls for it, we’re always happy to send a mechanic out to have a quick look over your vehicle before giving you your Jetta repair cost.

Volkswagen Passat Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Passat Servicing Perth

The VW Passat was first released in 1973. It’s now in its eighth generation (known internally as B8) and is a large, stylish family car. They come with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Here are a few Volkswagen Passat issues to watch out for…

ABS issues – the Anti-lock Braking System, responsible for helping to stop the car under emergency braking, is one of the most well-known problems with the Passat.

When the light is illuminated, the control module usually needs replacing. This is a pretty expensive one and, sadly, there aren’t usually any ways around it.

ABS module replacement might cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Misfires – concerning Volkswagen Passat reliability around the engines, models are reported to develop misfires, with these averaging at about 140,000 km.

You’ll feel a reduction in power, the engine struggling to idle and the engine light may come on.

Again, they can usually be repaired with replacement spark plugs and/or ignition coils.

Instrument cluster lights – one of the most mentioned Volkswagen Passat faults in models between 1998 and 2010 is that the instrument cluster lights stop working, meaning you can’t see the lights on the dashboard.

Some report the lights working intermittently; with others, the entire display goes permanently dark. The instrument cluster will need to be switched out for a new one.

Oil leaks – some Volkswagen Passat common problems involve oil leaks.

In models between 1998 and 2010, these are often caused by faulty gaskets in the cylinder head, such as those for the valve cover or chain tensioner. You might also notice oil under the car or smell burning oil.

For a Volkswagen Passat service Perth, one of our mobile mechanics will visit your home or workplace to perform a full service.

With the Passat, a Volkswagen car service cost starts at $360.00.

Our technicians are all qualified and experienced and, importantly, work to Volkswagen standards. This means you can keep your new car warranty.

Concerning Volkswagen Passat repairs Perth, repair costs vary somewhat depending on the issue.

For example, the new spark plugs will be much cheaper than a replacement ABS module.

For more advanced problems, it might be best to arrange for a mobile mechanic to inspect your car so we can give a more accurate quote.

Volkswagen CC Service And Repairs

Volkswagen CC Servicing Perth

Originally marketed in 2008 as the VW Passat CC, the “CC” stands for Comfort Coupe.

It’s aimed at a target audience who want, as the name suggests, a more luxurious version of a coupe. While based on the Passat, the CC is slightly longer, wider and lower.

It’s now been phased out and replaced by the Arteon (see below).

Despite being in production for less than a decade, there are a number of Volkswagen CC common problems you should watch out for…

Automatic braking assist problems – Volkswagen CC faults to do with the automatic braking systems need immediate inspection.

Automatic braking assist, known as Front Assist on VW models, was offered on the CC for the last couple of production years on certain trim levels.

However, Front Assist has a few known problems – the worst of which being when the sensors think they detect something in front of the car – even when the road is empty.

The system then slams the brakes on, creating a high risk of being rear-ended. A lawsuit is ongoing. In the meantime, it might be worth turning Front Assist off.

Timing chain – Volkswagen’s EA888 2.0-litre engine has a tensioner issue which could lead to a loose timing chain. If the timing chain comes off, the engine will fail.

You’ll find the EA888 on 1.8-litre TSI and 2.0-litre TSI CC models. It’s one of the most important Volkswagen CC issues to watch out for.

Ignition coils – when ignition coils fail, it causes a misfire in the affected cylinder. You’ll find the engine loses power, struggles at idle, and you might feel a vibration through the gear stick in manual models.

Clock spring failure – a big Volkswagen CC reliability issue is the clock spring is situated between the steering wheel and the steering column.

It protects the wires carrying information from the steering wheel, such as input from the volume buttons, horn, airbags and cruise control, to the ECU.

Without the clock spring, the wires would twist and break. Clock spring failure often manifests itself as an airbag warning light along with faulty buttons on the steering wheel.

With a Volkswagen CC service Perth, prices start at $360.00. Our services are also manufacturer-compliant, meaning you can keep your warranty if you’re driving a more recent CC.

No matter your CC’s age, sticking to a Volkswagen service program will keep it running smoothly and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

For Volkswagen CC repairs Perth, our mobile mechanics can visit you at your workplace or home to fix many issues with your car.

We’re usually able to give quotes over the phone, although for more serious or subtle issues it might be a good idea to send someone out to you to look over your car and figure out what’s wrong.

Volkswagen Arteon Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Arteon Servicing Perth

The VW Arteon was the new higher-end replacement for the CC (in China, the CC name is still used).

It was first launched in Europe in 2017 and is positioned above the Passat in Volkswagen’s vehicle line-up.

It brings a touch of style and elegance to the market. 2019 saw 45,664 sales across Europe, the US and China.

When it comes to a Volkswagen service booking, especially with the new Arteon, remember to check with the mechanic that you can keep your new car warranty intact.

Since it’s a relatively new car, there aren’t too many well-known issues yet.

Nevertheless, here are some Volkswagen Arteon common problems that we know of so far…

Low torque – on 2018/2019 models, some Volkswagen Arteon issues are to do with engines having a low torque output.

If you suspect this is affecting your car, the ECU might need a software update. This should be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Brake pedal – the push rod’s ball coupling within the brake servo may have been fitted wrongly. In this case, it’ll need to be inspected and replaced, if necessary.

This issue affects certain 2019 Arteon models.

Cables – the cable heading for the main fuse box and the one heading to the positive battery terminal may have been mixed up on certain Arteon models.

To check this, a mechanic will inspect the cables and swap them around if they need to.

Volkswagen Arteon reliability is pretty good. It’s recommended to get most issues seen to by a specialist Volkswagen technician.

Recalls were issued for the three above-mentioned specific Volkswagen Arteon faults and it’s always worth checking if any repairs will be covered by a new car warranty.

For Volkswagen Arteon repairs Perth, give us a call to chat about any specifics.

We’ll be happy to talk you through what might be happening and, if necessary, we can arrange for an in-person check of what’s wrong. We can give you a quote at the same time.

With a Volkswagen Arteon service Perth, one of our experienced mobile technicians will check over your vehicle. Prices start at $360.00.

Volkswagen Station Wagons

A VW station wagon focuses primarily on practicality.

We’ve included the Golf Wagon and the Passat Wagon in this section, although you might also include the VW Caddy as a station wagon – you’ll find Caddy common problems in the next section (vans).

  • Golf Wagon
  • Passat Wagon

Volkswagen Golf Wagon Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Golf Wagon Servicing Perth

Ever since the third generation Golf of 1993, Volkswagen have created a station wagon variant of the Golf.

The current (eighth) generation Golf also has a station wagon version, although they have only recently been released to the public.

In some countries around the world, the car is marketed by different names, such as a Jetta Sportwagon, Golf SportWagen, Golf SW or Golf Estate.

Here are a few Volkswagen Golf Wagon common problems…

Electrical issues – Volkswagen Golf Wagon reliability problems with the electricals is probably the most often-seen issue with the Golf Wagon.

Customers report electrical glitches, lights flashing on and off, wipers randomly switching on and off, inexplicable battery discharge, warning lights, and, on occasion, the car has been known to shut down completely while driving.

Diagnosing electrical issues usually requires specialist equipment and trained professionals, and it’s always important to disconnect the battery before working with anything like this.

Leaking panoramic roof – one of the worst Volkswagen Golf Wagon faults, according to owners of the 2015-2016 model, is that the panoramic roof leaks.

Depending on the cause of the leak, the fix might vary in cost. For example, if the drain tubes are clogged up, they can be easily cleared.

If the seal is damaged, however, it’ll need replacing, which could cost a few hundred dollars. Sadly, it’s usually the seal at fault.

Turbo lag – there’s a notable turbo lag when you put your foot down. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about this – it’s part the original build.

Many vehicles suffer from turbo lag and there’s nothing wrong with it. It just takes a little while to get used to.

There are no reported Volkswagen Golf Wagon issues with acceleration when driving at highway speeds.

For Volkswagen Golf Wagon repairs Perth, feel free to give us a call. Prices for repairs depend on what exactly needs working on – for instance, we might need to order in some new parts.

In most cases, we can quote you over the phone, although we sometimes find it useful to send a technician out to you for an in-person inspection – at a time and place convenient for you, of course.

With a Volkswagen Golf Wagon service Perth, prices start at $360.00. If you drive one of the V6 models, we charge from $384.00.

Following a regular servicing schedule helps to keep your car in good health, reducing ownership costs and generally improving how it runs.

Our mechanics will follow a Volkswagen-compliant service, meaning you can keep your new car warranty if it’s still in effect.

Volkswagen Passat Wagon Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Passat Wagon Servicing Perth

A station wagon version of the Passat was first released in 1974. Since then, a wagon version (or “Variant”) has accompanied each generation of Passat.

Since it is very closely related to the Passat, Volkswagen Passat Wagon common problems closely relate to it.

Concerning Volkswagen Passat Wagon reliability, most owners report it being a thoroughly enjoyable drive, with the majority of problems being minor niggles rather than major mechanical issues…

DSG – the DSG transmission, like many other models, is known for playing up, producing problems such as shuddering when the car starts. It’s important to get these issues checked out. If they’re serious, the entire transmission is likely to need replacing.

FSI engine – the FSI engine, as stated in the owner’s manual, will consume oil at a high rate.

These are well-known Volkswagen Passat Wagon faults that apply to many other vehicles in the company’s line-up.

If your car has an FSI engine, it’s crucial to regularly check the oil level and keep it topped up. The V6 FSI is most often seen on B7 Passat models.

Fuel filter housing – on some models, particularly the B7, the fuel filter housing was known to break, leaking small amounts of diesel. This needs to be replaced.

Smells from the cabin air system – some owners report Volkswagen Passat Wagon issues surrounding the air conditioning system and bad odours coming from it.

It’s likely that the evaporator or heater core simply collect moisture. To fix the smell, the part should be cleaned.

For a Volkswagen Passat Wagon service Perth, prices start at $360.00. To keep your maintenance and running costs low, it’s recommended to follow a regular Volkswagen service plan based on either mileage or age.

Getting your Passat Wagon serviced with us also means you can keep any new car warranty you might have.

With Volkswagen Passat Wagon repairs Perth, we can usually offer quotes over the phone.

These prices are based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the job and the cost of any parts that need to be ordered.

We’ll potentially arrange a time with you to send a mobile mechanic out for an inspection in more complicated cases.

Volkswagen Vans

The company now has its own range of independently made commercial VW vans.

These have firmly established themselves as strong competitors in this market, with the Caddy consistently performing particularly strongly in the small van section.

  • Transporter
  • Caddy
  • Crafter

Volkswagen Transporter Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Transporter Servicing Perth

The VW Transporter occupies the enviable position of being the best-selling van in history, with over 12,000,000 sales throughout the world.

It’s the base model for many different variants, such as the Multivan, Caravelle and California, and was initially developed from the Type 1 (Beetle) platform in 1949.

Over the many years of its production, some Volkswagen Transporter common problems are seen more often than others.

We’ve listed a few of them here…

Dual mass flywheel – Volkswagen Transporter faults with the dual mass flywheel are among the most well-known. When the flywheel is on the way out, you’ll feel shaking and vibrating as you pull away.

Feel for it carefully through the pedal and listen carefully to any rattling or shaking. It’s a relatively expensive repair, but catching it before it fully breaks will save you significantly more.

Steering column – a knocking steering wheel is affects many (but not all) Transporter T5 models. Fixing this clunking feeling usually involves replacing the column’s lower knuckle.

EGR valve – the EGR valve failing is one of the most common Volkswagen Transporter issues. The engine will feel underpowered and stall a lot, and could go into limp mode. Replacing – or occasionally cleaning – the EGR valve should fix the problem.

Oil leaks – two areas that are important to check for oil leaks are the oil pump itself and camshaft oil seal. If there are any signs of oil escaping, the part in question should be replaced.

Suspension – if you hear knocking sounds at the front, it’s probably down to worn out bushes. A technician can replace these for you easily. Volkswagen Transporter reliability issues around the springs and shocks breaking are well known with the rear suspension.

With a Volkswagen Transporter service Perth, the mechanic will check for common issues like those mentioned above, as well as conducting the usual jobs (such as an oil and filter change, tyre checks, fluid top-ups, and so on).

These are all included in your Volkswagen service cost, which starts at $360.00. Our services are also compliant with Volkswagen’s requirements, meaning you can keep your new car warranty.

Sticking to a regular Volkswagen service interval schedule will help keep your running and maintenance costs down, especially if you’re using your van for commercial purposes and you’re doing a lot of kilometres every day.

For Volkswagen Transporter repairs Perth, we’ll give you a price based on the job involved. The cost depends on a few factors, such as the complexity of the job and the price of any parts that need ordering.

It’s best to phone us so we can have a quick chat. For simpler issues, we can quote you right then and there.

If the problem is a little more complicated or requires some extra diagnosis, we might arrange with you for one of our mechanics to pop out to take a look.

Volkswagen Caddy Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Caddy Servicing Perth

The VW Caddy first went on sale in 1979 as the Rabbit Pickup in America.

The first (1979 in the US, 1982 in Europe) and second (1996) generations had pickup variants. The 2003 third generation was particularly popular, with a new fourth generation recently released in 2020.

It was first introduced to the Australian market in its third generation, in 2003.

In Australia, Volkswagen Caddy reliability has an excellent reputation. In fact, in 2007, Caddy sales made up 42% of the small van category in the country.

Here are a few Volkswagen Caddy common problems to be aware of…

EGR – the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system can present a few problems. If your engine is running hesitantly or stalling, this could well be the source.

A mechanic will check over the main parts of the EGR system – in particular, the EGR valve, which can get clogged up.

Water pump – if the water pump fails, coolant won’t be circulating through your engine. This means it’ll get too hot, which can do significant damage.

A tell-tale sign of a faulty water pump is seeing your engine temperature gauge overheat – it’s always key to keep an eye on it when you’re driving.

You could also see coolant leaks from the pump itself or hear a whining sound. The pump will need to be replaced.

Front shock absorbers – the shock absorbers failing on these vans are some of the most common Volkswagen Caddy faults, although all cars will need new ones sooner or later.

While replacing shock absorbers is a relatively straightforward job, it requires specialist equipment and can be dangerous. Because of this, it’s best to hire a professional mechanic to do this work for you.

Dual mass flywheel – the dual mass flywheel can become worn over time.

If you feel shuddering and vibrations as you pull away from a stationary position, it’s recommended to get this checked out immediately. If the flywheel is worn, you’ll need a new one.

Fuel injectors – one of the most well-known Volkswagen Caddy issues surrounds the fuel injectors. This most infamously affects the 2010 – 2013 1.6 TDI model.

The electric coil within the injector fails, meaning fuel doesn’t get into the cylinder and, therefore, a misfire develops. A replacement fuel injector (or a new set of them, preferably) should restore the engine to health.

For a Volkswagen Caddy service Perth, our technicians all follow Volkswagen-approved checks and schedules. This means that you can keep your new car warranty.

For older Caddy models, it’s important to keep up with servicing to reduce your costs in the future. Servicing for the Caddy starts at $360.00.

With Volkswagen Caddy repairs Perth, we’re always happy to give you a quote.

It’s usually easiest to phone us so we can have a brief chat about what’s going on and potentially organise a time for an in-person inspection.

Volkswagen Crafter Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Crafter Servicing Perth

Introduced in 2006, the VW Crafter replaced the VW Transporter LT, which had been around since 1975.

The first-generation Crafter, built from 2006 to 2017, is basically a rebadged Mercedes Sprinter – they were both built by Daimler in the same factory.

However, the second generation, currently on sale since 2017, is all Volkswagen, and no longer a Sprinter.

An electric version, the e Crafter, was also released in 2017, and is currently only on-sale in left-hand-drive countries.

While used commercially most of the time, the vans provide a great base for minibus conversions.

Some Volkswagen Crafter common problems include the following…

Oil burning – the first-generation Crafter is known for burning a lot of oil off. While all vehicles do this, the Crafter can burn off as much as a litre per 2,400 km.

It’s important to keep an eye on the oil level and regularly top it up. If you notice any signs of an oil leak or blown seals or gaskets, a mechanic will need to do some further digging.

Turbo – the engine fitted to the first-generation Crafter often ends up with a blown turbo. Symptoms of these Volkswagen Crafter faults include low power, whistling noises and smoke from the top of the engine.

To repair this problem, a new turbo is usually needed. Get the EGR valves replaced at the same time.

Cambelt – the Volkswagen service recommendation is that the cambelt needs to be checked and replaced every 125,000 km or so.

If it hasn’t been checked and replaced, the engine could be damaged, so it’s worth getting it done as soon as possible. This applies to the 2006 – 2017 version.

DPF – like many diesel engines, the Diesel Particulate Filter is at risk of getting clogged up in the engine and exhaust don’t run hot enough.

If the warning light has come on, the system will need a professional cleaning job.

Volkswagen Crafter reliability for the second generation is excellent. It consistently ranks as one of the most trusted vehicles.

Although it’s only been out a few years, there are currently no reported common Volkswagen Crafter issues (aside from small electrical problems and oil seal faults) for the 2017 model.

For a Volkswagen Crafter service Perth, one of our mobile mechanics can perform a compliant service at your convenience. This is important as it means you can keep your Volkswagen warranty without taking the car to a dealership.

Aside from this, a service will help you reduce your maintenance and running costs in the future. A service starts at $360.00.

With Volkswagen Crafter repairs Perth, it’s usually best to phone us. We’re always happy to have a quick chat about what’s going on.

In most cases, we can offer you a quote over the phone, although for some more advanced issues it might be a good idea to send a mechanic out to your Crafter for an inspection, just to see what the root cause is.

Volkswagen 4x4s, SUVs and MPVs

Nowadays, Volkswagen’s mid-sized and large family cars are one of its main markets.

From the small T-Cross to the larger Touareg, the T-ROC to the Caravelle, these vehicles are perfect for families and adventurers.

Sports Utility Vehicles and compact crossovers (SUVs mixed with hatchbacks) often come with optional 4wd or All Wheel Drive (AWD: temporary 4wd but usually 2wd).

  • T-Cross
  • T-ROC
  • Tiguan
  • Touareg
  • California
  • Caravelle
  • Multivan

Volkswagen T-Cross Service And Repairs

Volkswagen T-Cross Servicing Perth

As a subcompact crossover SUV, the T-Cross is the smallest SUV produced by Volkswagen. It sits below the T-Roc in Volkswagen’s line up and was officially launched in April 2019.

It comes with a choice of engine sizes, ranging from 1.0 to 1.6 litres.

While it’s too soon for any specific Volkswagen T-Cross reliability feedback, here are a few issues we already to know to be aware of…

Airbag – on models built between 21 May 2019 and 10 June 2019, some were produced with curtain airbags with gas generators that aren’t fail-proof.

The models with these serious Volkswagen T-Cross faults affected have VINS between WVGZZZC1ZKY039703 and WVGZZZC1ZKY050401.

Start issue – owners report an intermittent Volkswagen T-Cross issues with the ignition system, where the car struggles to start when you first push the button.

Stop/start problem – the stop/start system seems to randomly fail in various ways.

For example, some people said that the engine shuts down, produces random error messages, and even shuts down while driving at low speeds. All that even when the stop/start system has been turned off.

Some of these Volkswagen T-Cross common problems don’t have definitive answers yet. If you’re facing one of these issues, seek a professional opinion.

It’s also well worth getting in touch with Volkswagen to report the faults so that they can continue developing their database.

For a Volkswagen T-Cross service Perth, prices start at $360.00. Being a new car, your T-Cross is probably still under its Volkswagen new car warranty.

Getting it serviced with us means you can keep that warranty, as our services are compliant with Volkswagen’s requirements.

With Volkswagen T-Cross repairs Perth, the cost depends on the work that needs doing. For example, we might need to order specific parts or the job might be a long one.

We’re very happy to give you a quote over the phone if we can, although it’s sometimes best to send one of our mechanics to check the car out.

That way, we can give you a more accurate repair costs figure.

Volkswagen T-Roc Service And Repairs

Volkswagen T-Roc Servicing Perth

The T-Roc – the T being a reference to the Tiguan and Touareg and the Roc a play on the word “rock” – sits above the T-Cross and below the Tiguan in Volkswagen’s SUV series.

It was first introduced to the European market in 2017 and is often thought of as the SUV equivalent to the Golf.

A performance version, the T-Roc R, is also available. It shares its engine with the Golf R.

Some Volkswagen T-Roc common problems include those listed here…

Airbags – some earlier models were subject to airbag recalls. Check these important Volkswagen T-Roc issues against current recalls.

Throttle valve – on some newer models, owners have reported Volkswagen T-Roc faults with the throttle valve getting randomly stuck.

This shows itself through the EPC warning light coming on and the engine becoming juddery under acceleration. In some cases, it seems to fix itself, but it’s worth having a mechanic look at it – especially if the car is undriveable.

Since the T-Roc is relatively new, there are, again, fairly few common problems known about.

Also, although Volkswagen T-Roc reliability is generally good, it has been subject to a number of recalls.

When it comes to current issues, it’s best to enlist a specialist Volkswagen mechanic to ensure the job’s done right.

With a Volkswagen T-Roc service Perth, your car is quite likely to be covered by Volkswagen’s new car warranty. Getting your vehicle serviced with us means this warranty remains intact.

Even if your warranty has expired, continuing to regularly service your T-Roc will keep the running costs down over time. VW T-Roc service prices start at $360.00.

For Volkswagen T-Roc repairs Perth, we’d love to have a quick chat with you about what exactly is wrong.

We’ll usually be able to give you a quote there and then, although it’s sometimes necessary to send a mechanic out to your location for an in-person inspection. Prices depend on the specific issue.

Volkswagen Tiguan Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Tiguan Servicing Perth

The small Tiguan crossover SUV was released by Volkswagen in 2007.

The name comes from a combination of the German words Tiger (“tiger”) and Leguan (“iguana”).

In 2019, it manufactured almost 1,000,000 units worldwide, and is Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicle.

Overall, the model is looked upon favourably.

The main Volkswagen Tiguan common problems surround the timing chain and its tensioner (see the first point below)…

Timing chain tensioner – the timing chain matches the camshaft up with the crankshaft. The tensioner keeps it tight. If the tensioner goes, you end up with timing issues, causing reduced power and engine damage.

The tensioner and chain should be replaced. Volkswagen Tiguan reliability is generally pretty good other than this issue.

Sluggish stop/start system – newer Tiguan models are fitted with stop/start, however they feel a little heavy to most people. It would usually be advised to simply turn the system off if it bothers you.

Turbocharger – some 2010 owners report Volkswagen Tiguan faults with the turbocharger. It’s best to get a specialist Volkswagen mechanic to examine it.

Ignition coils – on some models, the ignition coils are known to become faulty. If you notice the engine misfiring, a new set might be in order.

Oil leaks/consumption – owners occasionally report high oil consumption or oil leaks. Keep an eye on the oil level in your car regularly.

You shouldn’t need to top it up too often, so if you notice the levels dipping or the engine temperature inexplicably rising, there could be an issue with the lubrication (oil) system.

As can be seen, the most common Volkswagen Tiguan issues often revolve around the engine.

For a Volkswagen Tiguan service Perth, costs start from $360.00. Having a service done with one of our mechanics means you keep your manufacturer warranty, if applicable, and you can get the work done at a place convenient for you.

Since the Tiguan is generally used as a day-to-day car, regular servicing should help it keep further problems at bay.

With Volkswagen Tiguan repairs Perth, prices depend on the specific problem. For an accurate quote, you’re very welcome to give us a call.

We’ll answer all your questions on the phone and, for more complex issues, it might be necessary for one of our mechanics to inspect your car in person before we give you a price.

Volkswagen Touareg Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Touareg Servicing Perth

Since 2002, the VW Touareg has been in production. It’s currently in its third generation, and is named after the Tuareg people of the Sahara.

The Touareg’s platform (PL71) is shared with the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.

In general, Volkswagen Touareg reliability comes with a good reputation.

That being said, here are a few Volkswagen Touareg common problems…

Timing chain – like the Tiguan, well-known Volkswagen Touareg faults relate to the timing chain. Keep an eye on your engine’s power output and pay special attention to any rattling sounds.

In most cases, it’s best to consult a specialist engine mechanic to address the issue.

Drive belt – a squeaky drive belt can affect almost any car, but the Touareg is particularly prone. The root cause may lie with the drive belt tensioner which might need replacing.

Water in the air filter – water can find its way into the air filter, eventually causing a misfire. Your engine will have a rough idle, be down on power and struggle to start.

DPF – Diesel Particulate Filters can easily become clogged, especially if the diesel model is only used for short, city-like journeys.

It’ll lead to low power and increased fuel usage. To fix this problem, the DPF will need to be cleaned and replaced, although in some cases a new filter may be in order.

Brake pads – Volkswagen Touareg faults such as fast-wearing brake pads are widely known. Don’t worry, you’ll just need a new set of pads (or rotors and pads) slightly more often than most cars.

Oil leak – if you find an oil leak towards the rear of the engine, it’s likely to be coming from the engine speed sensor. The oil seal around it is known to leak, and so a new seal is in order.

With a Volkswagen Touareg service Perth, costs start from $360.00, depending on the engine size.

Following the recommended Volkswagen service plan helps to keep your running and maintenance costs down as well as driving a safer vehicle.

For newer Touareg models, servicing with us means keeping your Volkswagen new car warranty intact so that if anything major has to be repaired or replace, you’re fully covered by your warranty..

For Volkswagen Touareg repairs Perth, we price everything based on what work needs to be done to fix any particular problem. It also depends what new or aftermarket parts we might need to order.

To get a Volkswagen car service quote, we’d recommend giving us a call for a quick chat where we can discuss the issue or potentially organise a time for an in-person inspection.

Volkswagen California Service And Repairs

Volkswagen California Servicing Perth

In 2001, Volkswagen decided to start designing its own campervan range based on the Transporter range.

The California was first launched in 2003. As a campervan, it has a few different specifications available.

Overall, most owners were and are very satisfied with the car, with VW California reliability having the reputation of being dependable.

These are some of the most well-known Volkswagen California issues, although most are known for being rugged and reliable…

Steering knock – some owners report Volkswagen California faults relating to the steering system.

If you hear a knocking sound when you’re turning a corner, it usually means that the tie rods or tie rod ends are on the way out.

A mechanic will inspect the entire steering system until they find the problem, at which point the broken part will be replaced.

Airbag light – this is a recurring Volkswagen California common problem reported by a few owners.

This could be caused by a wide range of root problems besides any faults with the actual airbag or airbag system.

Windscreen condensation – condensation is formed when warm, humid air comes into contact with the cold glass surface.

Most people report this happening while camping, which is to be expected. It might be worth using a dehumidifying device in the car when it’s sat (for example, overnight).

If the windscreen becomes covered with condensation while driving, have the air conditioning system checked out.

EGR valve – the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve occasionally fails, causing the engine to run poorly and stall often. Get a mechanic to change the valve and you should be good to go.

For a Volkswagen California service Perth, prices start from $360.00. Regular servicing will help to reduce your running costs in the long term, and – with new models – our Volkswagen-compliant services have the benefit of maintaining your new car warranty.

With Volkswagen California repairs Perth, all prices are worked out on an individual basis, depending on the problem that needs fixing.

For a quote, give us a ring, and we’ll be happy to have a quick chat about what’s going on.

We can quote simpler jobs over the phone, but more advanced issues might require an in-person inspection, which can be arranged at a time convenient for you.

Volkswagen Caravelle Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Caravelle Servicing Perth

The VW Caravelle is based on the Transporter series of vans.

It traces its origins back to the Volkswagen Type 2 and is only sold in left-side-of-the-road markets such as Australia, the UK and certain European island countries.

Some of the most well-known Volkswagen Caravelle common problems include…

ABS and ESP warning lights – while driving, the ABS and ESP warning lights were known to suddenly flash on in 1.9- and 2.0-litre Caravelles. In most cases, there’s no need to panic. Drive carefully and call a mechanic.

The issue probably lies with dirty wheel bearings. They can be removed and cleaned, which should fix the problem. If they’ve been damaged, a new set might be needed.

Smelling fuel in the cabin – on 2.5-litre Caravelle models, you might smell fuel in the cabin. This is probably just down a loose injector union nut.

To fix it, check the required torque level and use a torque wrench to tighten it.

EGR valve – often-seen Volkswagen Caravelle issues stem from a faulty EGR valve. Symptoms of this include a rough idle, difficulty starting and stalling.

A new valve is needed, which should fix it.

Throttle valve – occasionally, the throttle valve seizes. If this happens, you’ll hear a screeching sound when you start the engine. It’s best to get an entirely new part.

Cruise control – if the cruise control isn’t working properly, it’s worth checking the wiring connections to the cruise control unit.

Usually, one of these has come loose and simply needs to be reattached.

Rear suspension springs – since the Caravelle is relatively big, it puts more pressure on the rear coil spring suspension than most cars.

As such, they’re more susceptible to damage. With these suspension Volkswagen Caravelle faults, get in touch with a mechanic to do this for you, as spring changes can be dangerous and involve specialist equipment.

Concerning Volkswagen Caravelle reliability, the car has been used and loved by families for many years.

For a Volkswagen Caravelle service Perth, prices are from $360.00. Repeated interval servicing will help keep your Caravelle in good condition for longer, thus saving you money on maintenance, repairs and running costs.

If you’ve recently purchased a new Caravelle, our VW-compliant service lets you keep your warranty intact.

If you need Volkswagen Caravelle repairs Perth, it’s best to phone us for an accurate quote.

We can have a brief chat about what’s wrong and, if further diagnosis is required, we can send one of our mobile mechanics out to have a closer look.

Volkswagen Multivan Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Multivan Servicing Perth

The VW Multivan is also based on the Transporter.

It’s similar to the Caravelle but has 7 seats (of 2, 2, 3) with swivelling chairs in the middle, compared to the Caravelle’s 9 seats (2, 2, 2, 3).

Since the Multivan is most heavily based on the Transporter, you could consider the following issues to relate to the Transporter too.

Some of the most common Volkswagen Multivan faults are listed here…

Dual mass flywheel – if the dual mass flywheel is becoming worn – a Volkswagen Multivan common problem affecting all Transporter-based models – try slowly raising the clutch in first gear.

If you feel an unexpected judder, this is most likely the flywheel. You might also feel/hear a slight rattle at idle.

The flywheel will need to be replaced, which requires dropping the engine from the car.

EGR valve – since the EGR valve is one of a few infamous Volkswagen Multivan issues, a warranty may well cover it. If you feel the car stalling and having a rough idle, the EGR valve might be the cause.

Drive shaft – drive shafts on these models don’t tend to fail until they reach higher mileages.

The offside shaft exits the gearbox without a seal – it simply clicks into place. This leads to water build-up and, over time, rust, causing the shaft to fail.

Water pump – the water pump can fail on Transporter-based models, in particular the 2.5-litre T5 models.

The warning light should illuminate, giving you warning of this, as a lack of water being pumped means your engine will overheat very easily.

To avoid this, check whether you’ve had a new water pump recently.

Central locking – some of the wiring connections (under the driver’s seat) can corrode or get dirty, causing central locking problems.

Sometimes, a simple cleaning will fix this. On other occasions, more advanced electrical work might be needed.

ABS warning light – if the ABS warning light comes on, this is often triggered by a rear wheel speed sensor. These are fairly simple to check and, if necessary, replace.

The warning light can also come on if water damage causes corrosion on the wiring loom as it enters at the vehicle’s rear.

Despite Volkswagen Multivan reliability problems like the corroding drive shaft and wiring, it is generally loved by owners.

For a Volkswagen Multivan service Perth, prices start at $360.00. With older Multivan models, regular servicing helps to reduce your maintenance and running costs.

With newer versions, servicing with us means your manufacturer warranty remains intact.

With Volkswagen Multivan repairs Perth, give us a call for a more accurate quote.

Prices can vary depending on the work that needs doing, the parts that need ordering and the complexity of the job.

We’d be very happy to have a quick chat with you and, if appropriate, send one of our mechanics out for an inspection.

Volkswagen Trucks

Volkswagen’s only truck, the Amarok, has stood up to its critics and made its presence known in the truck market.

Although many people doubted it could compete with the pre-existing truck powerhouses, it’s proved itself more than capable.

  • Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok Service And Repairs

Volkswagen Amarok Servicing Perth

The VW Amarok is a mid-sized pickup truck. It’s named after Amarok, a wolf deity found in Inuit mythology.

In Australia, Volkswagen launched the Amarok V6 Core in January 2020, a model exclusive to the region.

It’s the only version to come with a true low range gearbox. This makes it specifically designed for the type of rugged off-roading often being done in Australia.

It’s been in production since 2010, with 72,513 being sold in 2019. You can get it with either a 2.0-litre Inline-4 or a 3.0-litre V6.

That being said, Volkswagen Amarok reliability has more than stood up to its critics, and is a fine piece of engineering to compete with – and even beat – conventional pickups and utes.

Here are some Volkswagen Amarok common problems identified so far…

EGR valve – the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system takes unburnt hydrocarbons from the exhaust gases and recirculates them back into the combustion chamber.

If the EGR valve fails, the system won’t work, causing the engine to feel juddery. This is one of the most seen Volkswagen Amarok issues.

Look and listen for engine knock, a rough idle and stalling. A regular clean of the EGR valve should keep this at bay.

Clutch – the clutch can wear out sooner than expected in some models. In this case, the only solution is to get an entirely new clutch.

Ignition issues – Amarok owners report being unable to turn the engine off, despite the key turning smoothly and normally. This issue requires further diagnosis, but it’s likely to be a fault with the ignition system somewhere.

Drive belt – the drive belt, also known as the serpentine belt, has been known to snap before its recommended lifespan expires (75,000 km).

Occasionally, the drive belt snapping caused debris to get tangled up with the timing belt after finding its way behind the pulleys, causing the timing belt to break.

Volkswagen released a new version of the timing belt cover to prevent this from happening. However, keeping your drive belt up to date should prevent it from ever snapping in the first place.

DPF – like many models, some Volkswagen Amarok faults surround premature DPF failure and clogging. Getting the DPF cleaned should fix the issue. In rare cases, you might need an entirely new part.

Taillights – owners report problems such as tail lights fixtures falling out. The tail lights aren’t designed to handle extreme road conditions.

Sometimes, taillights appear to break inexplicably – either not turning on or not turning off.

With a Volkswagen Amarok service Perth, prices start from $360 and depend on the engine size and transmission system.

If it’s been over a year since your last service, it’s a good idea to book one soon.

This will reduce your maintenance and running costs. Booking with us also means keeping your Volkswagen warranty intact.

For Volkswagen Amarok repairs Perth, feel free to phone us to chat through the issue you’re facing. We’ll talk you through the symptoms and what they might mean.

In some cases, it makes sense to send a mechanic out to your vehicle to inspect it in person. The cost of Volkswagen Amarok repairs is based on the problem at hand.

Volkswagen Service Prices

VW Service Prices Perth

Our Volkswagen service pricing is competitive, especially that we’re a mobile mechanic and come to you at your home or workplace.

This saves you valuable time and inconvenience by not having to take your car to a Volkswagen service centre and either wait around half a day or worse, be stuck with a loaner car for the day.

Our Volkswagen service costs start from $360.00 for a standard four-cylinder car.

For vehicles with larger engines such as 6 or 8 cylinders or for four-wheel-drives, our Volkswagen service rates begin at $384.00.

Booking a Volkswagen service appointment is easy using our online booking form.

And after it’s finished, our mechanic will provide you with a full report detailing their observations across the entire vehicle.

Sometimes, a service picks up on an underlying issue; anything from a puncture to the well-documented Volkswagen problems with dual mass flywheels, EGR valves or DPFs.

The technician will let you know about any problems – or potential problems – they might find, and how serious they are.

While we might recommend having some of these repairs worked on as soon as possible, it’s entirely up to your time and budget.

These Volkswagen repair costs vary based on the specific issue. We’ll usually be able to give you a rough quote then and there, if you’d like. Alternatively, you’re always welcome to phone us back at a later date.

Volkswagen Service For Commercial Vehicles

For a service on a VW commercial vehicle such as work vans, work trucks or work cars, we can service several of your fleet vehicles at the same time.

You don’t need to take your vehicles to a Volkswagen commercial service centre in Perth to keep your warranty intact.

We can look after servicing and repairs at your workplace to make it easier for you and save you valuable time and money.

For more information on pricing, it’s best to give us a call so we can have a chat about your one or more cars, trucks or vans to be able to quote you accurately.

Dealership Or Mobile Mechanic? Which One Is Best And Can You Keep Your Warranty Intact?

VW Dealership Vw Mobile Mechanic Perth

Searching in google ‘Volkswagen service near me’ will bring up a list of mechanics in Perth offering their expertise to service or repair your vehicle.

Getting your car serviced or repaired at a Volkswagen repair centre is an option but expect to pay more for repairs because a dealership service and repair centre has higher overhead costs to cover.

However, enlisting a mobile mechanic might have a few advantages compared to having your vehicle serviced or repaired at a dealership…

1. The Volkswagen auto service offered by a mobile mechanic is usually more flexible – it can be done in any location convenient for you, usually at your home (driveway) or workplace.

This means you don’t have to take a few hours out of your day to drive to and from a Volkswagen service shop (twice). A mobile mechanic gives you greater freedom to go about your normal day.

2. Your new car warranty remains intact with one of our manufacturer-compliant services. You don’t necessarily have to take your car to a dealership to maintain your warranty.

And remember, the staff in Volkswagen service departments are trained to upsell you to other services and offerings which can get a bit annoying (and expensive).

3. On top of that, Volkswagen dealer service prices will be higher than mobile mechanics because they have all the overheads of running a service centre with several staff members.

With mobile mechanics, a Volkswagen full service price will likely be lower and they come to you, which is probably the biggest benefit as we’ve all got enough things on our plate.

A Volkswagen Perth service centre will provide a good service and they might even wash your car (saving you $10 or an hour every other weekend), while a mobile mechanic might be more convenient and budget friendly, saving you time and money.

Wrapping Up

As expert, qualified mobile mechanics here in Perth we’d be more than happy to help with your car, whether it’s Volkswagen servicing or repairs.

We’re experienced working with all models and body shapes, from hatchbacks to utes, 4x4s to SUVs, Ups to Amaroks, and Jettas to Touaregs.

While you may be tempted to search for Volkswagen service locations in Perth for your next service or repair, if you’d like to reduce service costs and save time, a mobile mechanic may be a suitable option for you.

With us, a Volkswagen service offers you comfort in the knowledge that you’ll be receiving high-quality, flexible and trustworthy work – all while looking after your vehicle and keeping your new car warranty intact.

We’re aware of all the common faults and problems mentioned above so we can work efficiently and effectively on your vehicle to ensure you’re driving safely today and keeping your car maintenance costs down too.

For Volkswagen service and repairs, consider the team here at Auto Smart Mechanical, we’re available over the phone Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

If you’d like to book a Volkswagen service appointment outside of these hours, you can head to our convenient online booking form…

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